Living The Legacy

About Us


The mission of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Literary and Fine Arts School (“King Arts”) is to provide all students with a dynamic educational experience that focuses on the fine and performing arts and emphasizes literature and writing.

A Fine Arts Focused Curriculum….

  • Unlocks the door to learning and allows students to view the world through the eyes of an artist
  • Cultivates the skills of collaboration, communication, creativity and innovation, critical thinking, problem-solving, and leadership
  • Presents students with opportunities to explore big ideas and essential questions
  • Uses the Fine Arts as a tool for differentiated instruction and assessment for all students
  • Inspires increased student academic achievement and engagement

A Curriculum that Emphasizes Literature and Writing…

  • Supports student access to literary works from diverse social, cultural, and historical contexts
  • Extends writing and publishing opportunities beyond the classroom
  • Encourages writing through literature
  • Enriches the classroom experience with regular author experience opportunities