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College Student Placement

Student Teacher/Practicum/Observation Placement Procedures

District 65 is thankful for the interest that our community has in partnering with us to serve our students. Please review the information below regarding placing a request for student teaching in our district.

To Request a Placement

  • Please submit information to the following Google form for all placement requests.

Student Requirements

Important note - Student requirements must be completed before starting placement.

All placements for 40 hours or more require the student to take the Accurate Biometrics form to any Accurate Biometrics location of their choice. Payment of $50 will be required at the time of fingerprinting.

We will ask that you or the student complete the following:

  • If a student is placed, please submit the following Google form indicating they will be going to a background check.
    • Select “Student” in the dropdown
    • Enter the student’s first name
    • Enter the student’s last name

The following physical form must be signed by a physician and submitted to prior to the start of the placement. Please do not submit any additional documentation, only the requested form.