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Announcement: On August 23rd the Board of Education appointed Barbara Hiller, former District 65 Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, as  Chief Administrative Officer for the 2013-14  school year.  Ms. Hiller will manage the administrative, educational and operational matters from the Superintendent’s Office.
Illinois law requires that some public school matters must be handled by a state-endorsed superintendent.  Because Dr. Mary Brown, the District's Business Manager and School Treasurer, has this endorsement, the Board appointed Dr. Brown as Interim Superintendent for the 2013-14 school year.  In addition to her responsibilities as Business Manager and Treasurer, Dr. Brown will manage areas defined by Illinois School Code as part of the superintendent’s role.
logo.jpgBoard Meeting Agenda and Materials  Click on the image to the left view meeting agenda, materials, and approved minutes for District 65 Board of Education or Board committee meetings.  NOTE:  Open the agenda to see the time  PUBLIC SESSION begins. Most meetings are preceded by closed session.  

Evanston/Skokie CC School District 65 Board of Education
Evanston/Skokie CC School District 65 is governed by a locally-elected, seven-member board. School board members serve, uncompensated, for four-year terms.  Members are elected at-large during the Consolidated Election on the first Tuesday in April of each odd-numbered year. (If that date conflicts with Passover, the election moves to the second Tuesday.) Terms of members are staggered so that there are three or four seats contested at each biennial election.
Governance Recognition Award
Announcement: In October 2013, District 65’s Board of Education was one of four Illinois boards to receive the Illinois Association of Schools Boards (IASB) Governance Recognition Award. The award acknowledges boards that engaged in activities and modeled behaviors that lead to excellence in local school governance in support of quality public education. District 65’s Board leads with innovative thinking, adherence to recognized governance principles, and a demonstrated commitment to serve children and families. Last year they received high marks in the Illinois Policy Institute’s Transparency Project.  The district’s achievement goals and measures exceed state requirements and have been described as progressive and innovative. 
Board Member Terms and Contact Information
The elected 2013-15 Board of Education is: Tracy Quattrocki (2017), President; Richard Rykhus (2015), Vice President; and Members, Katie Bailey (2015), Eileen Budde (2015), Candance Chow (2017), Claudia Garrison (2017), Sunith Kartha (2017). To email a board member, click on his or her name. To email the entire board, send a message to schoolboard@district65.net. Board member mailing addresses are boardofed.jpgavailable at http://www.district65.net/boardofed/Contact.
You also may leave a message for school board members by calling 847 859-8005.  Messages are retrieved once weekly and shared with school board members. For more immediate assistance, contact the school board secretary at 847 859-8111.
Meeting Schedule and Planning Calendar
The board meeting schedule includes dates, time and place for Working (usually first Monday of the month) and Regular (usually third Monday of[Link] the month) board meetings. The annual planning calendar (subject to change) outlines a schedule for presentation of reports and updates.  If you wish to receive an email notice when school board meeting agenda are posted, please contact the interim School Board Secretary.
Meeting Coverage online and on Public Access TV
District 65 Board of Education meetings are filmed by ECTV, air live, and are rebroadcast on Comcast (Xfinity) Channel 19. AT&T U-Verse customers can view the live meeting by locating Evanston District 65 in the Channel 99 menu.  Meeting broadcast streams live and is available on demand on the web at http://www.ectv.com.  
School Liaison Assignments
School Board members are encouraged to become familiar with the entire District 65 school community.  Additionally, in order to establish and maintain connections and communication links with parents, individual school board members are assigned certain schools where they can serve as a liaison.
A liaison to each school shall serve until the next reorganization meeting before rotating.
Each school liaison is responsible (via phone calls, small group meetings, school visits, attendance at PTA or other school meetings, etc.) for familiarizing him/herself with the school's program, principal, and parents and for providing information on School Board proposals and school system procedures so that the school community can successfully bring its needs and concerns to the attention of either the Superintendent or the School Board.
The school liaison does not serve as a direct advocate for the school/program on issues.
The school liaison does not involve her/himself in administrative/operational matters but instead refers concerns to the appropriate staff.
For each designated school, the liaison shall:
provide information to individuals/groups (e.g. PTA, civic associations) on how best to communicate to the Superintendent or full School Board specific needs/concerns, acknowledging that all operational matters should be routinely referred to appropriate staff or the Superintendent;
keep other Board members and the Superintendent informed of concerns or issues that may develop at the school over the course of the year;
provide information to individuals/groups on upcoming issues that may impact the school/community;
return citizen phone calls made to the School Board office or to the member's home regarding that particular school/community;
represent the School Board at events and official functions, as invited; and
communicate School Board policies and actions as requested.

2013-15 School Liaison Assignments
Katie Bailey
Eileen Budde
Candance Chow
King Lab
Claudia Garrison
Suni Kartha
Bessie Rhodes
Tracy Quattrocki
Early Childhood
Richard Rykhus

Illinois Open Meetings Act
Board of Education meetings are subject to the Illinois Open Meetings Act and, with the exception of matters legally allowed for closed session discussion, are held in public. All actions of the Board of Education occur in the public setting.  Upon election to office, board members take an oath of office to publicly express, among other things, their commitment to respect taxpayer interests by serving as faithful protectors of the school district's assets. They commit to respect and encourage free expression of opinion by fellow board members and others with the understanding that they must also respect the privacy of students and employees. And, board members acknowledge that individually they have no legal authority and that decisions can be made only by majority vote of the board at a public meeting.  
In 2011 (last updated January 2013) the Board established a set of "Board Agreements" for Board expectations at meetings.
School Board Secretary
For more information, please contact Adeela Qureshi, School Board Secretary, at 847 859-8111.

Last Modified: Apr 16, 2014
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