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Safe Haven Schools

At the January 23, 2017, Regular Meeting, the District 65 School Board unanimously approved a resolution declaring District 65 as a 'Safe Haven School District.' At the meeting, the Superintendent provided understanding that the resolution does not violate the law, yet ensures the District is preserving each one of its schools as a safe and welcoming place for all children and families, regardless of immigration status. In District 65, we enthusiastically embrace our responsibility to welcome and educate all students and to celebrate every child's contribution to our diverse learning community.

Discussing and Advancing our Work: Race, Sexual Orientation, Gender Expression Identity, and the Racial Equity Impact Assessment

As we work to promote an anti-racist and welcoming culture for all students, the District 65 Equity Glossary was developed to establish clear, agreed upon definitions for critical concepts and terms. This document is available to all members of our community as a way to maintain and support shared common language and understanding.

District 65 Equity Glossary