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Commitment to Equity

We are committed to creating schools that work for all students. Children learn and grow in different ways and we know that some need more care and resources. We believe that by creating supportive environments where all students feel a sense of belonging and safety, they can be their authentic selves and excel in their learning. 

We further know that our students do not fail, our systems fail our students. Our team remains committed to racial and educational equity and creating more just schools. We will continue to break down barriers and change our practices, policies, and procedures that have historically marginalized students. Together, as a community, we can make the change necessary to achieve our goals. With these commitments and continued action, we know that ALL students can and will achieve their full potential in District 65.

Gender Support PlansLearn how we are fostering a learning environment & promoting inclusive learning environments for transgender & gender expansive students.

End Racism
Responding to RacismHow we are systemically responding to support school communities & counteracting instances of racism & hate when they occur.

Safe Haven SchoolsPreserving our schools as a safe and welcoming place for all children & families, regardless of immigration status.

Equity ResourcesView our Equity Glossary and resources for talking to children about race and other important topics.