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Awarded Grants

District 65 receives two types of grants: those that are awarded by the Federal and State government to all school districts, entitled formula grants, and those that are competitive and have been awarded to District 65 through a competitive process. In the first case of government grants, D65 manages grants with fiscal responsibility to meet the needs of students as well as meet the compliance requirements of the government funders. For competitive grants, we work to identify and apply for grant opportunities in order to secure funding for district initiatives and to increase the resources we have to best serve our families and students in the community.

We work closely with departments throughout the district to identify grants, develop high quality proposals, and secure grants.  Once grants are awarded, we ensure they are managed with fiscal responsibility and that we meet all of our funder’s requirements. The following are some of the grants that District 65 has been awarded for use in our schools:

  • Formula Grants - Title I, II, & III, IDEA Part B Flow-Through and Preschool, Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Grant
  • Competitive Grants - Head Start, Teacher Quality - Teacher Residencies,  Preschool for All, Prevention Initiative, Truants Alternative and Op Ed Program (TAOEP)

Esser III: D65 ARP Esser III Use of Funds Plan