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    Breakfast and lunch Menus

    IMPORTANT: Like many other school districts restaurants, and grocery stores, District 65 Nutrition Services is experiencing food product shortages due to supply and supply chain issues. It may be necessary on occassion to make slight adjustments to our menu (substituting a menu item with a like item from a different vendor, for example). Efforts will be made to communicate in advance whenever possible especially in the event of a significant change. It may be possible that subsitutions are put in place without prior notice. Thank you for your patience as we navigate these uncertain times. 

    The Nutrition Services Department is committed to providing nutritious, high-quality meals for all District 65 students. All meals served are made using whole grains and low-sodium ingredients. In addition, students are offered up to six fruit and vegetable selections daily and all meals are accompanied by wholesome fat-free or low-fat milk. When possible, locally-grown produce and meat is served including apples, berries, corn, and bone-in chicken.

    All meals, food, and beverages sold or served at schools meet state and federal requirements that are based on the USDA Dietary Guidelines and are prepared and served by qualified school nutrition professionals.

    If your child has special dietary needs, contact the Nutrition Services Coordinator at (847) 859-8130.

    Did you know that you can pay for school meals online? Click here to learn more.