• What Makes King Arts Unique?

    The K-8 experience – all in one building with a dedicated group of educators under strong and unified leadership -- provides a continuous and tight knit educational experience for the student.  Strong bonds are formed not only with fellow students, but with educators, who are able to collaborate and consult on the needs of each student as they change and grow.  At King Arts, the elementary grades K-4 are housed on the first floor of the building and the middle school grades 5-8 on the second floor, but there is ample room for interaction through activities such as Reading Buddies, All School Read Days, and arts, athletic and extra-curricular activities.  Teamwork and peer learning is evident, not only among teachers, but also among students.

    The Literary and Fine Arts focus of the magnet school is used to enhance the learning process and provide students many opportunities to explore their interests and self-expression through the arts. Students in grades K-4 experience an additional weekly period in the arts instruction as compared to their peers in District 65 schools, and in the middle school students have the option of focusing their study within the areas of dance, drama, media arts, music, and visual art.   There are also partnerships with local art organizations and opportunities for artists in residence to collaborate with teachers and students on projects.  The evidence of this arts focus is visible and strong within the school and there are exciting ways for each and every student to deepen his or her learning and creativity at King Arts.

    A strong network of social services and special needs support exists within the building.  King Arts strives to focus on each child as an individual and to tailor support services around his or her individual needs, whether academic, social/emotional or a need for other special accommodations.  Also, there is a strong commitment to integrate students with special needs into school activities in every way possible.  Another distinguishing feature of the school is its strong partnerships with community organizations such as Y.O.U, YMCA, and others that enhance the educational experience for all and support the school and its mission.

    Finally, in addition to the aspects above and the strong commitment to continue the legacy of its namesake, King Arts highly encourages involved families.  It is the creativity, energy and commitment of families and educators working together which makes it such a special place for our students.