• Supporting your reader and writer

    Continue reading aloud to your child
    Don't stop. Choose books that are slightly out of reach for them if they are reading independently.

    Read a wide range of texts together
    Movie reviews, instructions, recipes, sports scores, restaurant reviews, as well as fiction. Pick up informational books at the library as well.

    Don’t be afraid to choose large format, picture-type books on high interest topics. Leave them lying around the house. When they are bored they may pick them up. Picture book biographies are also good. Kids’ magazine are great.

    Talk about what you’re reading
    Share your reading interests. Show your child that you value reading by making time to read yourself.

    Talk with your child about the world around them.
    Ask their opinion about things. Solicit their advice and ask them to explain their reasoning.

    Encourage your child to write and to draw.
    Keep a family journal – of the week, of a holiday, of a trip. Put them in charge of recording family or personal events. Let them take the pictures and encourage them to provide captions.

    Share your love of learning about the world with them.
    Even if they think you are annoying.