• welcome to the curriculum & instruction department


    A group of students listening to and watching a presentation being given by a group of teachers The District 65 Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) Department works to support schools and ensure that every child has access to high-quality teaching and learning in every classroom in the district.

    Our goal is to:

    • Identify curricular opportunities to integrate content and skills across the school day
    • Increase the use of culturally relevant pedagogy and twenty first century skills in D65 teaching and learning.
    • Provide sheltered instruction for English Language Learners
    • Implement a continuum of research-based tiered interventions for striving learners

    The goal of this work is measured through the District Scorecard measures which are:  

    • Increase percent of students at or above college readiness benchmarks in math and reading
    • Increase percent of students making expected gains in math and reading, including both students who start below the college readiness benchmark and those who start above this benchmark
    • Decrease the percent of students at or below the 25th percentile in math and reading benchmarks
    • Decrease achievement gaps between groups of students in math and reading by improving performance of all subgroups

    The C&I team supports curriculum and instructional strategy development, using the most up-to-date research and practice to guide development. In addition, the team provides professional development for teachers across the district including workshops, 1:1 coaching, and small group sessions.

    In addition, C&I oversees the planning and development of the district's summer learning programs, and administers funds for the afterschool learning opportunities in the district also known as "Learning+".

    The Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction oversees the C&I team and works closely with the Assistant Superintendent of Schools. This organizational structure provides for maximum alignment between curriculum initiatives and implementation in the schools. The Assistant Superintendent of Schools, supported by leadership from C&I and other departments, provides professional learning to the district's principals and assistant principals through monthly workshops.


    To contact the Curriculum and Instruction Department, please call (847) 859-8030. To reach a specific member of the Curriculum & Instruction Team, please visit our staff directory and search 'Curriculum & Instruction Department'.