• Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

    The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) were adopted by the Illinois State Board of Education on February 19, 2014. Through a combination of highly-rated curriculum and strongly supported educators, and with the stragic partnership of Northwestern University, District 65 continues to invest in adoption of these standards.


    This work includes:

    • Adoption of OpenSciEd materials in the middle grades
    • Adoption of Great Minds PhD Science in grade 3-5, and consideration of adoption in grade K-2
    • Continued professional support for educators as they increase their abilty to enact NGSS in the classroom


    As a district, we aim for science instruction that amplifies our vision of STEM. This means that students are:

    • Introduced to phenomena that are of genuine interest to students
    • Discover new scientific knowledge in order to understand why the phenomena happen
    • Driving the classroom discussion
    • Conceptualizing ideas that drive investigations that reveal additional knowledge and additional questions
    • Feeling a combination of excitement, ownership and a collective spirit as they grow in their scientifica knowledge.


    In general, the vision of NGSS can be summarized by this table.


    A New Vision for Science Education (NGSS) 


    A New Vision for Science Education (NGSS) Table

    A New Vision for Science Education


    For more information about NGSS in your child's particular grade band, please visit


    For additional information, please visit the Next Generation Science website for more information on the standards and for a complete list of the elementary school science standards or visit ISBE’s NGSS webpage.  If you have additional questions, please reach out David Wartowski, Director of STEM (wartowskid@district65.net)


    Remote Learning & Curriculum Details

    Our adopted science curriculae require a learning process that is rooted in typical brick-and-mortar setting for schools. Due to the unique circumstance of this school year, we are enacting units K-8 this year that are better suited for a remote or hybrid environment. 

    • For Grades K-5, we expect to employ Mystery Science, starting units of learning in October. The actual units will be posted by the end of September, once our curriculum review process is complete.
    • For Grade 6-8, we are excited to introduce a novel unit about Forces at a Distance. The creation of this unit, designed specifically as a remote learning unit, was created out of a partnership between District 65 science educators and Northwestern University curriculum writers. Each student should have picked up a materials packet for this unit, which they will be using to carry out investigations throughout the unit, which is planned to last through November. Additional units for the year are currently being crafted.


    Extended At-Home Learning

    Interested in extending your student's exploration of science? See our curated list of possible opporuntities