• Everyday Mathematics + Family/Student Resources (Elementary)

    Everyday Mathematics Program What we Use

    District 65 uses the Everyday Mathematics program in grades K-5 to teach the grade level standards for mathematics. In District 65, we currently use the Common Core Aligned Everyday Mathematics 4th Edition in grades K-5 across the district.


    Everyday Mathematics is a comprehensive elementary mathematics program, developed by the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project based in Chicago and published by McGraw-Hill Education. This program was developed after extensive research about how children learn and how teachers can be best supported by a curriculum to further student understanding of mathematics. From the 1st edition of the program in the 1980s to the current 4th edition, the program has been extensively filed-tested and continuously improved based on feedback from teachers and school districts. The program supports the development of a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts to help children become life-long thinkers and users of mathematics in their daily lives and career.

    Everyday Mathematics The Everyday Mathematics program focuses on:

    • Using real-life examples the introduce mathematical concepts in a meaningful way
    • Providing repeated exposure to various mathematical concepts and skills to build long-term memory
    • Practicing basic skills and computation on an on-going basis through verbal exercises, practice pages and games to master them
    • Promoting the use of multiple strategies to problem solve to accommodate different learning styles
    • Fostering the ability to explain mathematical thinking and critically analyze the reasoning of others

    Each grade level is carefully mapped and aligned to the grade level standards to build mathematical proficiency as children progress form grade to another.


    Useful Websites

    Name  Description  Website
    University of Chicago Resource from the authors of Everyday Mathematics at the University of Chicago; contains specific parent resources to work with children at home; information about the program development, research, and student achievement  http://everydaymath.uchicago.edu/parents/
    McGraw Hill This is a marketing site with success stories and videos that allow you to see Everyday Mathematics in the classroom.  http://www.everydaymathsuccess.com/
    EM Online Access - ask your child or your child's teacher about login information for the Student Learning Center This site is an online resource that includes free family resources and Everyday Mathematics tools such as student reference book, math games, video tutorials on math concepts, and Do Anytime Activities.

    Quick Start Guide For Families

    Adobe PDF Icon  Kindergarten Quick Start Guide

    Adobe PDF Icon  Grades 1-2 Quick Start Guide

    Adobe PDF Icon  Grades 3-5 Quick Start Guide