• Social Work Services 

    Social Work Services are provided as a related service in order to help a child benefit from his or her educational program. Social work acknowledges that issues or problems at home or in the community as well as a child's attitude or behavior in school can adversely affect the child's performance at school.

    Social work services in schools include the following:

    • Preparing a social or developmental history on a child with a disability
    • Group and individual counseling with the child or family
    • Working in partnership with parents and others on problems in a child's living situation that affect the child's adjustment in school
    • Mobilizing school and community resources to enable the student to learn as effectively as possible
    • Assisting in developing positive behavioral intervention strategies

    District 65 currently has 25 school social workers, with two at each middle school, King Arts, and SPPAC/Early Childhood and the others supporting the elementary, Rice, and Park schools. Their responsibilities include the following:

    • Provide services to students as indicated on their IEPs
    • Complete social developmental studies as part of case study evaluations
    • Provide individual, group, and classroom group sessions
    • Progress monitor services and evaluate the effectiveness of the services
    • Provide Social-Emotional Learning curriculum as identified by the district, such as the WHO program, Snowflake, and Steps to Respect
    • Consultation to general and special education staff regarding behavioral and academic concerns
    • Counseling with parents regarding student needs
    • Counseling as determined by the Alternatives to Suspension contracts
    • Implementation of PBIS Tiers
    • Entering of SWIS and CICO data
    • Crisis and behavioral interventions
    • Suicide and DCFS referrals and assessments
    • Referrals to and coordination with outside agencies
    • Identification of homeless students and provision of services for them
    • Development of Behavior Intervention Plans
    • Provide professional development as directed
    • Attend trainings and staff meetings
    • Perform additional tasks as assigned by principals and supervisors