Name Title Location Phone Number Email Address
Joan Hurley Health Clerk Chute Middle School (847) 859-8608
Melissa Siavelis, RN Health Clerk Dawes Elementary School (847) 905-3402
Tracy Juell Health Clerk Dewey Elementary School (847) 859-8142
Brenda DeVaul-Payne Health Clerk Dr. Bessie Rhodes School of Global Studies (847) 859-8442
Amy Polinski Health Clerk Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Literary & Fine Arts School (847) 859-8509
Pam Strunk, PEL-CSN Certified School Nurse Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Literary & Fine Arts School (847) 859-8502
Alberta Dortch Health Clerk Haven Middle School (847) 859-8236
Bernie Judd Director of Health Services Joseph E. Hill Education Center (847) 859-8121
Sharon Blackwell Early Childhood Health Clerk Joseph E. Hill Education Center (847) 859-8123
Sheiba Oats Health Services Secretary Joseph E. Hill Education Center (847) 859-8122
Dorothy Gill Health Clerk Kingsley Elementary School (847) 859-8402
Taneisha Christie, RN Registered Nurse Lincoln Elementary School (847) 905-3502
Shaunique Shelton Health Clerk Lincolnwood Elementary School (847) 859-8882
Julianne Pacheco Health Clerk Nichols Middle School (847) 859-8664
Ana Rivera-Escobar, RN Registered Nurse Oakton Elementary School (847) 859-8802
Mary Robinson Health Clerk Orrington Elementary School (847) 859-8782
Amy King, PEL-CSN Certified School Nurse Park School (847) 424-2302
Janice Gaffin, RN Registered Nurse Park School (847)424-2302
Emily Erickson Health Clerk Walker Elementary School (847) 859-8332
Liane Hancock Health Clerk Washington Elementary School (847) 905-4902
Tania Figur Health Clerk Willard Elementary School (847) 905-3602