• District 65 inclusion policy

    Inclusion embodies the values, policies, and practices that support the right of every student and his/her family, regardless of ability, to participate in a broad range of activities and contexts as full members of families, communities and society. The desired results of inclusive experiences for students with and without disabilities and their families include a sense of belonging and membership, positive social relationships and friendships, and development and learning to reach their full potential.

    Guiding Principles for Inclusion

    1. All students with disabilities have a right to be included in naturally occurring settings and activities with their neighborhood peers, siblings, and friends.
    2. All students will be given the opportunity for meaningful participation and engagement in the general education curriculum and in their school community.
    3. Communities of support will be nurtured where differences are acknowledged, understood, accepted and celebrated.
    4. A spirit of collaboration, active participation and support among families, administration and staff is valued and fostered.
    5. A continuum of services and supports should reflect intensity of supports and not a separate place.

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