• Lincolnwood services students who live in certain areas of Northwest Evanston (attendance area map). Lincolnwood begins its school day at 9:00am, students line up outside and enter the building where they can take a grab-and-go breakfast to their classroom. Click for more information on drop-off and pick up procedures, or for the bell schedule as well as childcare and extracurricular programming
    Parents, family members, and visitors should all plan to come through the main entrance of the school, on Colfax Street for any important information related to their children's day. If a student is tardy, they must also enter and check-in at the main entrance on Colfax Street. For more information on attendance or sick policies, please see the Health Office website
    For more information on parent involvement, please visit the Family Involvement section of the website. For more information on the curriculum and grade-level specific information, click here.  
Lincolnwood Elementary School Sign