• School Library
    Welcome to the Oakton Elementary School Library!


    Librarian: Ms. Bourke
    Looking for a  volunteer opportunity? E-mail Ms. Bourke for details.
    The Evanston/Skokie School District 65 Library Media Department is committed to equipping students with the resources, skills and tools to be responsible learners for the 21st century. Through collection development, teacher collaboration and student instruction, library media specialists work to support the District curricula and instruction goals, teach information literacy skills, utilize technology and foster literature appreciation. The Department promotes cooperation with the high school library, public libraries and other community agencies to create lifelong learners.

    The Library Media Department curriculum is centered around four main standards: accessing information, evaluating information, using information, and appreciating literature. These standards draws from both Illinois State Learning Standards and the national standards set forth by the American Association of School Librarians (AASL). Students use the District libraries individually and in small groups as well as visit the library as a whole class for circulation and instruction.

    The school library is essential to development of reading and critical thinking skills as well as responsibly using information in an increasingly complex digital world. In collaboration with our teaching staffs, the Library Media Department believes that the library is at the heart of the learning environment in all of our school and is a crucial part to the overall curriculum and to student growth and achievement.

    Oakton School students visit the library once a week for an assigned library time. In addition classes are also available to come in during resource time on Mondays.