• Early Childhood Special Education Screening, Evaluation and Referrals

    Our Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) department offers a free screening, evaluation, and referral service to identify and set goals to address developmental disabilities discovered during the screening/evaluation process. These services are available for children residing within D65’s boundaries, ages 2.11 up to kindergarten age, including families transitioning from Early Intervention.

    The screening protocol addresses five developmental areas:

    (1) Learning and skill development

    (2) Speech and language development

    (3) Gross and fine motor development

    (4) Vision and hearing

    (5) Social and emotional development.


    After the screening, some students may require further evaluation to take a closer look at areas of growth. Students who qualify for special education services will be recommended to receive services via appointment only (itinerant) or within an inclusion or self-contained classroom.

    Students who do not qualify may receive a referral to participate in an Early Childhood general education classroom.

     Referral families must complete all steps in Student Registration & Selection/Enrollment process

     For more information, please call (847) 859-8114.