• Research and Survey Approval Procedures

    Evanston/Skokie School District 65 encourages research that provides a basis for improving school processes and student learning within the district. While the district encourages educational research, the need for research and the collection of information is always balanced against the district’s objectives.

    Per Board policy, surveys and research conducted within the district require prior review and written approval from the Research, Accountability, and Data Department. This includes surveys and research carried out by district employees, departments, or committees.

    The district has developed a research agenda to guide researchers toward our most pressing questions.  We particularly encourage proposals that address issues of racial equity.

    How to submit a proposal to conduct research in District 65:
    Click here for more information about conducting research and submitting a research proposal. If you have additional questions, please contact the Director of the Research, Accountability, and Data Department. Please note that if you are an employee of District 65, you cannot conduct research in the school(s) that you work in. However, you may conduct research at a different school in the district.

    If you are affiliated with Northwestern University, please click here to learn more about submitting a proposal for research in District 65.