• Digital Backpack

    holding globe in hands In an effort to "go green" and reduce the amount of paper sent home in our students' backpacks, District 65 hosts the 'Digital Backpack' on its website. The Digital Backpack is updated weekly and contains approved flyers and brochures from District 65 schools as well as organizations serving the communities of Evanston and Skokie.

    All materials and literature must be pre-approved for posting or distribution, must be student-oriented, and have a sponsoring organization's name prominently displayed. 

     Pursuant to School Board Policy 8:25, community, education, charitable, recreational or similar groups may advertise events pertinent to students' interests or involvement. Commercial companies and political candidates are prohibited from advertising in schools, on school grounds, or on school/District web sites. District 65 neither endorses nor sponsors the outside organizations or activities represented in the materials. The distribution or display is offered as a service to our community.

    Click here to download the Application to Distribute Materials form. Please allow (5) business days for applications to be processed.


    e-copies vs. paper copies 

    By selecting 'e-copy,' approved flyers will be posted to the Digital Backpack section of the district website. If an organization chooses to distribute paper copies of the approved flyer, copies must be bundled in packets of 25 and delivered to each school along with a signed copy of the approval form. Please note Bessie Rhodes only distributes paper copies for families without internet access (30 copies). ONLY APPROVED FLYERS WILL BE DISTRIBUTED.

    Click here to view approximate enrollment numbers at each school. 



    Please contact Adeela Qureshi, School Board Secretary, at (847) 859-8111 or via email at qureshia@district65.net.


Digital Backpack Flyers