• From the Principal 
    Trish 2 The Kingsley community is dedicated to providing a safe and welcoming educational environment that both supports and inspires student learning and growth. We believe in the power of the “circle of responsibility.” This means that each person who comes in contact with a Kingsley student becomes a part of the Kingsley community; and as a member of the community shares responsibility for the success of our students whether a parent, member of the staff, or a member of the wider community. Families and community partners are a critical part of our team and are encouraged to remain engaged and connected.

    Kingsley staff are highly dedicated and talented, recognizing children as unique individuals with different interests, strengths and challenges. Every student at Kingsley is held to the same high academic and behavioral expectations as we believe that all of our Comets have the potential to soar.

    Kingsley is a community that cares and is making a difference in the lives of children!
    Tricia Murray,
    Kingsley Elementary School Principal 
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