Communications and Information 

    Each week, we send communications home via your child’s backpack. This could include classroom newsletters, fliers from community organizations that have been approved by the district, school events, and information about upcoming school events.

    We also send a Newsletter monthly via email to the email address that you provided when you registered with the District. This monthly newsletters will have the most up to date information about our school. 


     Head Start Program Governance Opportunities

    What is Program Governance?

    Program Governance is a formal structure where parents, the governing board and key management staff collaborate to make decisions about Early Head Start and Head Start programs.  Both grantee and delegate agencies are responsible for ensuring parents are involved in program governance.  District 65 is the grantee agency and has received funds from the federal government to administer center-based Early Head Start and Head Start programs within the city of Evanston and the Village of Skokie.  As the grantee agency, District 65 (D65) chose to delegate the administration for a portion of the Early Head Start program to the Infant Welfare Society of Evanston (IWSE), the delegate agency, which provides services through a contract with D65. 

    How do I become involved?

    • First, review the role and leadership opportunities of each Program Governance opportunity.
    • Second, choose which Program Governance opportunity you would like to participate in.
    • Third, recommend a friend or peer – if you know someone who would be a great volunteer or nominee, please encourage them to participate as well.


    There are four different Program Governance groups:

    1. Parent Committee is responsible for advising staff on center-related activities, communicating with the policy council and participating in the recruitment and screening of center staff.
    2. Policy Committee is responsible for the direction of IWSE’s Early Head Start programs.
    3. Policy Council is responsible for the direction of the D65’s Early Head Start and Head Start programs. The Policy Council includes IWSE because of services provided through the contract with D65.
    4. Governing Bodies, D65’s Board of Education and IWSE’s Board of Directors, have legal and fiscal responsibility to administer and oversee the agency’s Early Head Start and Head Start programs.


    Why it's important to participate in Program Governance? 

    Program Governance is a GREAT way to become actively engaged in your child’s education.  Participating in program governance opportunities helps parents develop leadership skills, meet and encourage other parents through networking, participate in community activities and provide valuable input about program services that impact your child’s education, as well as community resources and other support.  This leadership experience can be used as a stepping stone for future opportunities.  Early Head Start and Head Start parents may become involved in Program Governance Opportunities by:

    1. Participating on the Parent Committee by volunteering to become a Parent Ambassador
    2. Participating on the Policy Committee by being elected to become a Policy Committee Representative
    3. Participating on the Policy Council by being elected to become a Policy Council, PACE Representative

    Participating in these parent engagement activities will positively impact your child’s education


    Volunteer Opportunities

    If you are interested in volunteering there are many ways you can help. Please click VOLUNTEER HANDBOOK for more information

    Volunteer (Please see General Volunteer Information)

    • General and Office support
    • Classroom support
    • Kitchen and Health support
    • Transportation support
    • Special events support

    Participate in Program Governance Groups

    Head Start parents are highly encouraged to become Parent Ambassadors and participate in the

    • Parent Ambassador Committee (School Level)
    • Policy Council (Agency Level)

    Please request a Program Governance Booklet for more information.


    General Volunteer Information

    Who can volunteer?

    • An adult over the age of 18
    • An individual approved by Evanston/Skokie School District to be with children.
    • An individual selected for a specific activity.


    • Adhere to the Center’s standards and code of conduct
    • Sign a confidentiality agreement
    • Fingerprint background check

    Anyone that is interested by volunteering directly with students more than once a month must meet the following additional requirements.

    • Complete a criminal history background check,
    • Provide a health physical (including a TB test and results)


    How can I get more engaged at JEH?

    Attend Monthly Parent Meetings

    Engaging families about school readiness, and what that means for children in the program, is the overarching goal for JEH. During these meetings, staff will provide information and resources to promote learning at home, which makes the connections from school to home.

    • Learn about our curriculum.
    • Learn about opportunities that children can have in the course of their day.
    • Receive school updates in all content areas and services;
      • Education, Health, Nutrition, Transportation, Mental Health and Family Partnerships and Engagement.
      • Meet other families, build relationships and social networks.

    Attend PACT (Parent and Child Together) Activities

    • Learn developmentally age-appropriate activities to do at home to enhance learning outside the classroom.
    • Activities that will enhance positive parent/child relationships.
    • Create wonderful crafts and play together.

    Attend Parent Workshops

    • Expand learning opportunities and knowledge on various topics such as:
      • Nutrition
      • Financial Literacy
      • Health and Safety
      • Child Development
      • Mental Health
      • Parent Education
      • Self-Care
    • Connect with community resources.

     Attend Transition Events

    • Obtain information and support in the transition to Kindergarten
    • Learn about the importance and steps to early Kindergarten registration with our Research and Accountability team.

    Participate Father/Male Engagement Activities

    • Father Focused on Workshops and Support Groups
    • Fathers can explore how they understand their male role in the child, which supports the father/child relationship.

    For more information please contact

    Mrs. Claudia Renteria by phone at 847-859-8294 or email at renteriac@district65.net