•  Early Childhood Transportation


    The Early Childhood Transportation Specialist is responsible for coordinating schedules and performing technical reviews, while also handling all transportation planning under the State and Federal mandated guidelines. The transportation specialist is also responsible for the planning, operating, and managing all of the JEH transportation including field trips,  bus simulations and drills. 

    Parent Information:
    • Early Childhood Transportation is available for families who qualify for these services, some restrictions may apply and it is not guaranteed.
    • For Transportation Adds and Changes call  or email the Transportation Specialist, it may take up to 5-days to process.
    • For changes to Family or Emergency Contact information, please notify Transportation Specialist immediately.

    Attn: Lou Gatta

    Email: gattal@district65.net  Phone: (847) 424-2425

    During the school year several activities are provided to educate students and their families about Transportation Safety:

    • Bus simulations are conducted with “Bus Teachers” to teach students bus rules for transitioning on and off the bus.
    • Bus evacuation drills are conducted to teach students and their families about how to evacuate from the bus in case of an emergency.