Hall Pass Visitor Management System

  • Our schools regularly welcome visitors for special events and a variety of occasions. One of the ways we can help keep our schools safe is knowing who is in our buildings. Our Hall Pass Visitor Management System helps to monitor and track visitors, including parents/caregivers, volunteers, vendors, and other visitors.

    Hall Pass checks visitor information with an integrated, comprehensive database of registries for every state and the District of Columbia as well as Orders of Protection within our student information system.

    Approved visitors will be provided with a printed ID badge that must be worn at all times and returned when leaving the building.

Hall Pass FAQs

  • What is Hall Pass?

  • When will Hall Pass start being used in schools?

  • Why is Hall Pass needed?

  • How is the District ensuring the use of Hall Pass is equitable?

  • How will Hall Pass work?

  • What if I’m just picking my child up from school or dropping off an item they forgot?

  • What are acceptable forms of identification?

  • What if I don’t have an acceptable form of identification?

  • What type of background check does Hall Pass run?

  • What if I am undocumented? Does Hall Pass check immigration databases or report on citizenship status?

  • Does Hall Pass report my information to any other agencies?

  • Is it necessary to scan my ID every time I visit?

  • What visitor information is stored in the Hall Pass system? 

  • Is visitor data within the Hall Pass system secure?