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  • We are pleased to invite you to apply to the voluntary Student Assignment Advisory Phase II Committee!


    After over a year of robust community engagement, on March 14, 2022, the Board approved a new Student Assignment Plan and a funding plan to build a school in Evanston's Fifth Ward. The project's next phase will be focused on D65's instructional programs, their placement, expansion, improvement, etc. Programs include the African Centered Curriculum (ACC), Bessie Rhodes, King Arts, Two-Way Immersion (TWI), Speciality Programs (Rice, RISE, Park, STEP), Preschool, and 5th Ward School.

    In SAP Phase I, our Committee recommended programs be placed closest to where students, who qualify, live. Community members overwhelmingly suggested that we not introduce new programs but improve current offerings.

    The SAP Phase II Committee will analyze data from the first phase, Phase II's community discovery tours, and data from the Educational Equity in Evanston project. After review, the Committee will use the TregoEd decision-making process to create a recommendation to the School Board for programming locations and improvements.

    No decisions regarding programming have been made. The earliest any programming changes will go into effect is the 2025-2026 school year.

    Call To Action

    In Phase II we will propose a comprehensive plan for program options and locations across the District to ensure we are best meeting our students' diverse learning needs.

    The charge of the Committee is not to make decisions but to make a recommendation to the School Board for consideration.

    Time Commitment

    Committee members should expect a commitment of two meetings per month (90 minutes each) both in-person and via zoom. Meetings will begin late January and go through May 2023. There is potential for additional participation in School Board meetings.

    In addition, committee members should expect to review research and data in order to be prepared for meetings. This may require additional time outside of scheduled meetings.

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    The application is open from December 19, 2022 - January 20, 2023