5th Ward Campus FAQs

  • On December 6, over 150 people attended a community meeting hosted by District 65 and the City of Evanston at the Fleetwood Jourdain Community Center. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the 5th Ward Campus, which will include a new K-8 school as part of the District’s new Student Assignment Plan. The purpose of the meeting was to hear from the community on the proposed site concepts. It was a robust discussion with many residents of the Fifth Ward voicing both their hopes and concerns as it relates to the beloved and historic community center. 

    Please see responses to several frequently asked questions below.

  • How long will construction take for the new school?

  • Where will the new school be located?

  • How will the decision related to Fleetwood impact the overall cost of the project?

  • How does the District have money to build the new school?

  • How will the District get the money to pay back the Lease Certificates which will be used to build the new school?

  • Why can’t the District use the savings to make repairs in other buildings or for other important purposes? Why do we need a new school?

  • How will the new 5th Ward School be named?

  • What programming will be offered in the new 5th Ward School? Will this impact existing programming in other D65 schools?

  • How are you elevating Black voices in this process?

  • How will the school look different based on the site concepts presented?

  • What about Family Focus?