Standards Based Grading and Report Cards

  • District 65 believes that report card grades are meaningful, accurate, and actionable for students, their families, and educators.

    A Standards Based Grading report card is a snapshot of current learning and conveys two separate concepts:

    1. Academic measures reflecting current proficiency of grade-level standards
    2. A separate rubric on the habits of a student

Standards Based Grading
Why Standards Based Grading?

Las Calificaciones Están basadas En Los Estándares
¿Por qué las calificaciones están basadas en los estándares?

New Report Cards and How to Read Them
Navigating the new for K-5 and 6-8

Revisiones De La Boleta De Calificaciones

      Learning Habits

      • Learning Habits Descriptors K-5

      • Learning Habits Descriptors 6-8


      Standards & Targets


      • Why change to Standards Based Grading?

      • Will my child be prepared for high school when they do not use a standards based grading report card?

      • What are the advantages of standards based grading?

      • What is the main difference from traditional grading?

      • Why do formative assessments, homework assignments, or participation count so little in a student’s grade, why should students take them seriously?

      • What does my child need to do to achieve an Exceeds (EX)?

      • If my child does everything that is asked of her/him/them, why doesn’t she/he/them get an EX (Exceeding) or ME (Meeting)?

      • What is the difference between a BE, IE and a blank grade?

      • How are middle school grades being calculated during the 2022-23 schools year as the District begins to transition to Standards Based Grading?

      • Why did my students grade shift from ME (Meeting) to PR (Progressing) in trimester 2?



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      • Credits: District 65 thanks Orland 135 School District and Renton School District for sharing their resources and allowing the District to draw from their work.