Kindergarten Through Fifth Grade Structures

  • In Kindergarten through Fifth Grade, students experience 60-75 minutes of math instruction every day, using instructional methods that embrace students’ genuine understanding of mathematical concepts, along with the building of their mathematical fluency and ability to apply learning to new contexts and situations.

    In addition, students typically have 20-40 minutes of acceleration time each day, allowing for individualized learning paths in either math or reading via tasks that either support and/or enrich learning. Activities completed during daily acceleration time are chosen based on the student's individual learning needs.

    K-5 Mathematics MATERIALS

    District 65 began using i-Ready Classroom in the Fall of 2022, in combination with Zearn and ST Math, to support math learning in Kindergarten through 5th grade. i-Ready Classroom is the highest-rated set of K-5 math instructional materials in the country and strongly supports the district's vision for mathematics instruction. 

    Below are standards and expectations for each grade level:

  • ST Math

    What is it?

    ST Math is a visually-based program, used primarily by students K-5, that is designed to grow children’s understanding of mathematics in a way that is organic and authentic. ST math is completely visual and provides students a level of independence that helps establish genuine ownership of the learning. To hear more about ST Math as a way to learn math "without words", watch this 8-minute TedTalk.

    What do students do?

    When students sign into ST Math, they click one of three options to begin playing: Assignments, My Journey or History.

    At this time, we are focusing on “Assignments”. The "assignments" path includes objectives that are aligned to what students are learning in each Eureka Math module. As the year progresses, teachers will begin providing assignments as well, which are custom to individual student needs.

    To learn more about ST Math, please follow this link to the ST Math website for more information.


    Zearn is an interactive, online learning resource that some students may use for further practive of some skills. Zearn follows the Engage NY materials and is aligned to the common core. District 65 uses Zearn as a supplement to core instruction in some situations.

    See your child’s teacher for more information regarding the use of Zearn in your child’s classroom