Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID)

  • AVID logoAVID stands for Advancement via Individual Determination. It is an academic elective course that prepares students for high school and college readiness and success.

    AVID students engage in a college preparatory curriculum that incorporates strategies focused on writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading to support their academic growth. Students also participate in tutor-facilitated study groups, motivational activities, academic success skills, experiential activities, and field trips.

  • What happens in the AVID Class?

    • Students receive academic instruction in writing, note-taking, studying, test-taking, and organizing.
    • Students receive academic support from tutors through collaborative tutorial groups and structured peer counseling.
    • Students are motivated to pursue academic excellence through goal-setting, rigorous classes, cultural and college field trips, classroom guest speakers, and AVID team building.
    • Classes are structured around the pursuit of Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading (WICOR).


    Display table
    • Cornell notes and learning logs
    • Quick-writes and reflections
    • Process writing
    • Peer evaluation
    • Authentic writing
    • Skilled questioning techniques
    • Tutorials
    • Costa's level of questioning
    • Socratic Seminars
    • Research and investigations
    • Group Activities
    • Tutorials
    • Philosophical Chairs
    • Socratic Seminars
    • Peer Teaching and Editing
    • Service Learning
    • Folders and organizational tools
    • Calendars, planners, and agendas
    • Graphic Organizers
    • Study groups
    • Focused note-taking
    • Smart goals
    • Deep Reading strategies
    • Note-taking
    • Graphic Organizers
    • Vocabulary Building
    • Reciprocal teaching
    • Reflecting and summarizing
  • For more information or to get your questions answered, contact Kirby Callam or (847) 859-8059.

  • Ready to Apply?!

    Fifth graders can apply to take AVID in place of their sixth grade Advisory or Spanish for Spanish Speakers (SSS) class at Chute, Haven, or Nichols Middle Schools. While all applications will be considered, preference will be given to students who are in most need and would most benefit from the AVID experience.