• We are committed to supporting our students beyond their work in the classroom and to expanding opportunities for extracurricular activities in D65. We are excited to announce that we are looking to build an inclusive athletic program for elementary students in fourth and fifth grade beginning in the 2022-2023 school year. We believe this will offer much-needed opportunities for students to get more physical activity, develop relationships with peers, learn the importance of teamwork, build self-esteem, learn valuable life skills, and more!

    We are so grateful for our educators, staff, and community partners who currently help to facilitate various academic, enrichment, and extracurricular programs for our students. We know these individuals have great insights to share. As we look to build a program available to students across our district, we want to make sure this is a team effort!



      • The Frequently Asked Questions below are for District-sponsored athletic programs for fourth and fifth grade students.

        Note: Athletic programming for first through third grade students is being coordinated by the City of Evanston. Registration information can be found on the City of Evanston website.

        What sports will be offered?
        Winter offerings include basketball and cheerleading.

        Spring offerings will include track and field as well as soccer. More information will be forthcoming at a later date for the spring session.

        What are the dates for the winter athletics session?
        The winter session is approximately six weeks and will begin January 10 and end on February 25.

        What grade levels are included in the D65 Elementary Athletics Program?
        Currently programming is open to fourth and fifth grade students at D65 elementary and magnet schools.

        How will the District ensure these athletic opportunities are inclusive of all students?
        All students shall be permitted to participate in all athletics programming in a manner that corresponds with their gender identity or in a manner that allows the student to feel the safest, included, and most comfortable

        How is the District supporting student athletes?
        We recognize that athletes are students first and foremost. To support students in both our elementary and middle school athletics programs, District 65 will provide access to unlimited tutoring and homework support through Paper. More information will be forthcoming to registered students and families.

        How do I register?
        Registration for the winter session has been extended through Friday, December 16, at 11:59 p.m. Registration must be completed online. If you need assistance, please contact Brandan Lane at
        Registration Instructions (English/Spanish)

        When will teams practice?
        Teams will practice one to two times per week. Schedules will be forthcoming and will depend on the availability of coaches as well as facilities.

        Where will practices be held?
        Practices will be held at the students' respective school.

        What day of the week will games be held on?
        Games will be held on Saturdays between 10am-2pm. Game schedules are still to be determined. Games will be held at King Arts, Nichols, and Haven.

        Who will teams compete against?
        Basketball teams will compete against other D65 schools as well as several local private schools that have teams. Cheerleading will take place at the basketball games and individuals will cheer on their school team.

        Do all students get to play/participate?
        Yes, all students who register will have the opportunity to play/participate at the elementary level. The number of teams per school will depend on the number of students registered.

        Will students receive uniforms?
        Yes, all students will receive uniforms with their school logo.

        Who will serve as coaches?
        The District continues to recruit coaches who may be D65 educators and staff members as well as community members. All coaches must follow District 65 hiring guidelines which includes a background check.

        Where can I find more information about the athletics program?
        More information can be found in the D65 Elementary Athletics Student Handbook.