Student Assignment Project (SAP) Committee

  • SAP Vision

    We will propose a comprehensive student assignment plan which may include but is not limited to new school boundaries (decreasing transportation costs), an equitable selection process for magnet schools and programs, and establishing a school in the 5th Ward.

  • Student Assignment Advisory Committee Call to Action

    ALL students should have the right to a local area school (home school), high-quality education, high-quality programs, and high-quality educators that are proximate to their homes and neighborhoods. We must ensure that all families can actively participate in their student’s education without barriers. This should be a promise we guarantee to all students in District 65.


      • Purpose of the Advisory:

        1. Serve as a critical partner in assessing proposed revisions to the District 65 student assignment system. 
        2. Serve as an equitable thought partner in assessing our current student assignment procedures and policies.
        3. Provide impartial recommendations suited to dismantle systemic racism.
        4. Use data to make informed decisions and recommendations.
        5. Recommend new school attendance area maps and new student assignment process.
        6. Recommend and research school programs.
        7. Determine how to open a 5th ward school in a fiscally responsible manner.
        8. Recommend new process to assign students to schools.

        Non-Purpose of the Advisory:

        1. To make final decisions regarding the District 65 student assignment system.
        2. To create new board policies or procedures. 
        3. To determine location of any proposed facilities.
        4. To direct District 65 to make specific changes, as this is within the purview of the Board of Education.

      SAP Members

      • SAP Charge

        The SAP, comprised of a diverse team of D65 staff, parents/caregivers, community members and consulting experts, will review District 65’s student assignment system over the next two years using an interactive student assignments tool to develop guiding principles for all of our students and families. Additionally, this team will use data from the master facilities plan and engagement opportunities (community surveys, townhalls, etc) to inform potential recommendations to the School Board. Considerations must assess a number of factors including student enrollment projections, new school boundaries, decreasing transportation costs, building conditions and utilization, and a more equitable selection process for our magnet schools and selective enrollment programs.

        SAP Members

        SAP Committee Members
        Sarita Smith Director of Student Assignments
        Saranda Karpuzi Asst. Manager of Student Assignments
        Sunith Kartha D65 Parent
        Scott Mangum D65 Parent
        Stephanie Mendoza D65 Parent
        Chantal Diaz Community Partner/Future Parent
        Karen Smilowitz Community Partner
        Henry Wilkins Community Partner
        Tracy Fulce-Gentle Community Partner
        Jill Calian Community Leader
        Bobby Burns Alderman
        Dr. LaTarsha Green Deputy Superintendent
        Dr. Romy Decristofaro Assistant Superintendent of Student Services
        Donna Cross Director of Multi-Tiered System of Support and Social Emotional Learning
        Kirby Callam Project Director, EvanSTEM
        Angel Turner Director of Literacy
        Dr. Devon Horton Superintendent
        Maria Barroso Union - DEC President
        Michael McDermott Union - DEC VP
        Jasmine Sebaggala Union - DEC
        SAP Committee Members
        Tania Margonza D65 Community Engagement Facilitator
        Stacy McAuliffe D65 Parent
        Daryl Gardner D65 Parent
        Amy Brissette D65 Parent
        Gil Peña D65 Parent
        Nichole Pinkard Community Partner
        Jerome Summers Community Leader
        Renne Stone Community Leader
        Teyona James Community Partner
        Jennifer Simpson-Leigh Community Partner
        Dr. Stacy Beardsley Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction
        Ajoni Hopkins Project Specialist
        Kimberly Kelly Director of CREATE 65
        Laketa Simpson Director of Human Resources
        David Wartowski Director of STEM
        Anya Tanyavutti D65 Board/Parent/ABC
        Marquise Weatherspoon D65 Board/Parent
        Omar Whyte Union - ECMA
        Sonja Moulton Union - EACCP
        David Benson Union - DESC

      Meeting Minutes