Remind for Parents/Guardians

  • In an effort to enhance connection between home and school by meeting families where they are, D65 is launching the Remind communication platform!

    Remind can:

    • Provide messaging between educators, students, and families to promote communication and engagement
    • Allow parents and families to choose their preferred messaging tool - email, app, or text
    • Communicate to whole classes or groups of students and families through an app, email, or text all at the same time
    • Translate messages into many different languages
    • Link to assignments in Google Classroom, Google Drive, Flipgrid, and more

Remind FAQ for Parents/Guardians

  • What email is used for my Remind account?

    Remind accounts are generated from the information in PowerSchool (our student information system). Remind accounts have been generated using the primary guardian’s contact information. Additional guardians/caregivers can easily subscribe to join their child’s class.

    How will I receive communication through Remind?

    Parents/caregivers can choose between email, text messages, and app notifications to receive messages sent by educators and schools. Once logged into Remind from a computer or smartphone, students and families can pick the way they want to receive the communications in their settings. This article contains information about changing your notification settings in Remind.

    What if I am not receiving Remind messages?

    Remind is currently an optional tool and your child’s teacher may be using other communication tools. If they are using Remind and you are not receiving messages, you can join their class by requesting their class code. Here is information to join a class or a join a school. As a safety measure, requests are approved by educators/administrators.

    What type of communication will I receive through Remind?

    Educators and schools will typically use Remind for announcements, classroom reminders, and for keeping in touch regarding homework, grades, and student well-being. We also look forward to rolling out the platform for enrichment, athletics, and childcare.

    How can I change my notification preferences?

    Remind users can choose how they want to receive their messages either by text, email, or push notification. Data and messaging rates apply.

    Is there a cost associated with using Remind?

    District has purchased a premium subscription for all users. However, if you elect to receive messages via text, there may be an associated cost from your service provider. If you do not wish to incur these costs, you can set your preferences on to receive email notifications only.

    How is my data protected?

    Remind meets FERPA Certification requirements and SOPPA regulations for data privacy. Please read more about Remind's Privacy Policy.

    Download the Remind App
    Send messages, change your settings, and update your communication preferences using the smartphone app. Available for Android or iOS.