District 65 School Report Cards

  • picture of school report card On October 31, the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) released the 2019 School Report Cards containing information on student achievement based on IAR scores, district finances, 5Essentials survey results, and school demographics.

    As part of the new State of Illinois accountability system, report cards include school designations meant to describe how well a school is meeting the needs of all of its students. This system recognizes that some schools need more than others in order to achieve the same high outcomes. Schools that receive designations of ‘Underperforming’ or ‘Lowest Performing’ will receive additional planning resources from the State of Illinois to further support certain student groups (based on the results of the IAR assessment).

    Detailed School Report Card information is available at https://www.illinoisreportcard.com/ and can be found by searching the school name or address. Information for District 65 schools can be directly accessed using the below links.

    Please note that School Report Card information is not available for the JEH Early Childhood Center, Park School, or Rice Education Center.

Illinois School Report Card Web Tutorial