Support for Transgender & Gender Expansive Students

  • The District has adopted procedures for student gender support related to Board Policy 7:10 - Equal Educational Opportunities. In furthering our commitment to fostering a learning environment open to all students, free of any sort of discrimination or harassment, District 65 has adopted a set of procedures to promote inclusive learning environments for its transgender and gender expansive students.

    Gender Support Administrative Procedures  (updated February 2020)

    Procedures include the development of an individualized Gender Support Plan for students upon request. The Gender Support Plan will address the student's needs concerning:

    Access to restrooms and other gender-segregated spaces

    1. Transgender and gender expansive students shall have access to gendered facilities and programs that are consistent with their gender identity.

    Names, pronouns, and gender markers

    1. Students shall be referred to by a name and pronouns that correspond to their gender identity by all school staff and students.
    2. Court-ordered or medical/psychological documentation is not required to change a student’s name or gender marker with the District.


    1. Student’s transgender identity will only be disclosed to those authorized by the student or their parent(s)/guardian(s).
    2. In some cases, transgender students may feel more supported if other students are aware that they are transgender. The District will work closely with the student and their family to plan how to educate peers.

    Other aspects that may arise, such as school trips, health education, etc.

      Gender Support Teams

      • A district-wide Gender Support Team will oversee the implementation of these procedures. The Gender Support Team will have a representative School Coordinator from each school, typically a social worker. The Gender Support Team and School Coordinator can develop an individualized Gender Support Plan for students upon request.

        The Gender Support Team is tasked with ensuring all District staff are aware of the procedures and understand the different aspects of the Gender Support Plan.

        Educators and staff will make their best efforts not to segregate students by gender in any of their practices or activities. If students are subjected to a gender-specific practice, students shall participate in a way that is consistent with their gender identity.

        Schools must be vigilant for any mistreatment, bullying, or harassment based on gender identity for all its students, and especially transgender and gender expansive students. Schools must respond promptly to any allegations of mistreatment and must also work to prevent these issues.

      School Coordinators

      School Contact Phone Email
      Bessie Rhodes Stephanie Morales (847) 859-8458
      Chute Middle School Alicia Mesi (847) 859-5456
      Dawes Elementary Elana Frydman (847) 905-3400
      Dewey Elementary Laura Campos
      Haven Middle School Dustin Martin
      JEH Education Center Ashley Prakash (847) 859-8306
      King Arts Megan Garrad (847) 859-8508
      Lincoln Elementary School Jen Bergner (847) 905-3508
      Lincoln Elementary School Steven Wilson
      Kingsley Elementary Clarissa Rosenberg (847) 859-8400
      Lincolnwood Elementary Anne Wildman
      Nichols Middle School Clarissa Lau (847) 859-8650
      Nichols Middle School Margaret Rothe (847) 859-8650
      Oakton Elementary Stephanie Tanimura (847) 859-8807
      Orrington Elementary Jennifer Lloyd (847) 859-8750
      Park School Louisa Ricker (847) 424-2301
      Rice Education Center Diana Vega
      Walker Elementary Sophia Seeberg (847) 859-8358
      Washington Elementary Jennifer Rico (847) 905-4908
      Willard Elementary Emma Kornhauser (847) 905-3608
      JEH Education Center Meghan Kelly 847-859-8309


      • Gender Support Plan

        This document shall be used to create a shared understanding about the ways in which the student’s authentic gender will be accounted for and supported at school. This document will include details on the school personnel responsible for supporting and enforcing the plan, the student’s safety, use of facilities, the student’s extracurricular activities, and additional considerations.

        Student Information Change Request Form

        This form shall be used to request any changes pertaining to student information within District 65’s student information system, third party systems, and state reporting.

        Affidavit of Parentage Form

        This form shall be used in the event a parent/guardian requests to make the original birth certificate/document for a student private in District 65’s Student Information System. This form must be notarized and will be used as proof of birth in the place of the original birth certificate/document. This form will also be used to identify the biological parents and include the student’s new information that was submitted in the “Student Information Change Request Form.”


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