Cultural Celebration Committee (C3)

  • Celebrating the Cultural Diversity of King Arts!

    The namesake of King Arts, Martin Luther King Jr., advocates for a world in which all races and cultures are equally valued and afforded justice. The Cultural Celebration Committee (C3) works to deepen our shared sense of belonging and build a more inclusive school through gatherings that educate and celebrate the cultural diversity of our learning community.

Black History Month 2022 Interactive Calendar

  • Our Commitments

    The cultures we celebrate each year are reflective of our diverse community and guided by those caretakers who step forward to help plan. As a team we are committed to:

    • Inviting volunteers from the cultures to be celebrated to play a lead role in planning our events
    • Researching the cultures to be celebrated to ensure we do it respectfully and thoughtfully
    • Invest equal resources in supporting each celebration selected by our caretaker community

    How Do I Get Involved?

    If you want our community to learn about your culture, please visit the PTA's Get Involved webpage to sign up and get involved. The more caretakers who get involved the more cultures we can celebrate.


    For school year 2021-2022, we are planning the events below. If you would like to add additional events to the calendar and lead the planning of that event, please sign up and we will reach out to you. Our plans are to support a mix of digital resources, online events, and in-person events.

    Don't see your culture being celebrated in the list below? Email to learn how you can join our volunteer team and make that happen!


    Hispanic Heritage Month

    Check out the Hispanic Heritage Week information resource.

    We need help for next year! We'd like to find caretakers this year who can help plan for next year. Email X to get involved.


    Diwali (11/2)

    Mark your calendars for the first ever Diwali Celebration at King Arts! Learn about this South Asian celebration from the comfort of your home, while learning some Bollywood dance moves, crafts and so much more! More details to follow.

    Please sign up to get involved in the planning of this event.

    Native American Heritage Month (11/16)

    Join us at 7pm on November 16th on Zoom to celebrate the diverse cultures and traditions that we lift up during Native American Heritage Month. A virtual event led by the Mitchell Museum of the American Indian, Josee Starr, Director of Operations at Mitchell Museum will lead an age-appropriate presentation for elementary aged kids and guide them through a craft making project.

    Please RSVP in advance so we can email you the craft instructions that the Mitchell Museum educator will lead kids through. All supplies are common household items.



    We need help! Caretakers who celebrate Kwanza are encouraged to reach out to lead the planning of this event. We are reaching out to those in the past who lead Kwanza celebrations to see if we can support their efforts this year.

    Other celebrations TBD


    MLK Dream Drive

    The Dream Drive is back again for the 2nd year! More details to come.


    Black History Month

    Sign up to get involved in the planning of this celebration. Watch this space! More details to come.


    Disability Awareness Month

    About 20% of KA students are disabled and we want to raise up and celebrate the diversity of our disabled communities.

    Sign up to help support the planning of this celebration.

    Women's History Month

    If we have caretakers who want to help organize this celebration, please sign up to take the lead on planning of this celebration.


    Day of Silence

    June is Pride Month, but since we are not in school in June, if there are caretakers who would like to take the lead on planning an educational family program around Day of Silence, possibly in partnership with our GSA, please sign up to get involved.


    Taste of King Arts

    Get ready King Arts family! We are bringing this event back in a much bigger and more fabulous way, highlighting all of the cultures of King Arts. This will take a big team to pull off what we hope will be our signature event for the year. Watch this pace for details! Sign up to help plan.