• Reporting Bullying in District 65 

    In District 65, the safety of our students and community members remains our top priority. Allegations of bullying are taken seriously and not tolerated or appropriate in any District 65 school building or community. If you feel that your student is being bullied in school, please engage with the appropriate individual in the following chain below until your matter is addressed. Please connect with the individual via email or phone communication.

    Steps in Place to Report Bullying: 

    1. Report the incident to School Social Worker
    2. Report the incident to School Principal
    3. Report the incident to Dean of Culture and Climate- Elijah Palmer, palmere@district65.net
    4. Report the incident to Asst. Superintendent of Schools- Terrance Little,  littlet@district65.net
    5. Report the incident to Superintendent- Devon Horton,  hortond@district65.net


    If your student is experiencing any of the following conditions listed below, please reach out to their school counselor to report these issues immediately - 

    • Suicide
    • Bullying
    • Depression
    • Addictions
    • Anxiety
    • Eating disorders
    • Discrimination
    • Family Issues
    • Financial Issues
    • Physical, Sexual, Emotional Abuse
    • Sexuality
    • A threat to someone else’s safety
    • Violence
    • An issue that does not appear on this list.