• 21-22 School Year Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions to maximize safety and further support community understanding of the District's health and safety guidance have been posted to this page. As the pandemic evolves, guidance will likely continue to evolve. Updates will be made to our health and safety plan and shared with our community. Any additional questions unanswered on this page may be sent to communications@district65.net. Efforts will be made to answer all outstanding questions to the best of the district's ability.

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Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

  • How will I know arrival and dismissal procedures at my child’s school?

  • What time can my child enter the building?

  • What should students bring with them to school each day?

Contact Tracing and Quarantines

  • What is contact tracing?

  • What is the definition of a Close Contact?

  • In the event of a positive COVID-19 case, who will be notified?

  • Who is required to quarantine?

  • Who should be notified if a student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19 or may have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19?

  • How can I submit proof of COVID-19 vaccination?

  • What is the length of the quarantine period?

  • Who is responsible for contact tracing?

COVID-19 Testing

  • Why is the District implementing COVID-19 testing?

  • What type of COVID-19 testing is being conducted for students and staff?

  • Is my child required to participate in the testing program?

  • How can I opt my child out of testing?

  • Are staff required to participate in COVID-19 testing?

  • How accurate is SHIELD testing?

  • Is any genetic material retained or kept for secondary analysis?

  • How will parents/guardians/staff be notified of test results?

  • Who else is notified of positive results?

  • How often will testing occur?

  • How can I find out the testing schedule for my child’s school?

  • What should I do if the test results are positive?

  • If a student tests positive for COVID-19, how long will it be before they can return to school?

  • Will parents/guardians/staff be notified of test results?

  • Is there a cost to individuals or districts for testing?


  • Will outdoor spaces be used?

  • Has the District considered using outdoor tents for classes and lunch?

  • Within District facilities, what level of physical distancing is required?

  • How will the District enforce physical distancing?

  • What steps has District 65 taken to improve ventilation in buildings?

  • What cleaning measures are in place?

  • Will soap and hand sanitizer be provided and readily available?

  • Will lockers and locker rooms be used?

  • Will water fountains be available for use?

  • Will playground equipment be used during recess?

Health Certifications

  • What is the purpose of Health Certifications?

  • What does the Health Self Certification process look like?

  • How can I complete the Daily Health Self Certification?

  • Can the health certification be completed in languages other than English?

  • Will a reminder be sent to help me remember to complete this daily?

  • Do parents/caregivers need to set anything up for CrisisGo?

  • What if I forget to complete the daily Health Self Certification?

  • Are health certifications required for Back to School events?

  • Who should technical and troubleshooting questions be directed to related to Crisis Go?


  • What options are available to support students who are not meeting grade level standards or have unfinished learning?

  • What opportunities will there be for teaching and support for students at advanced levels?

  • How will students use technology throughout the day as it relates to their learning?

  • Why do students need devices for instruction if they are physically back in school?

  • Can tutoring through the Academic Skill Centers be offered after school instead of during specials?

  • Is tutoring through Academic Skill Centers in addition to or in lieu of a child's Support Class as part of their IEP?


  • I heard that meals will only be eaten outdoors until COVID-19 testing begins in mid-September, is that true?

  • Can meals be eaten outdoors?

  • Where will students eat their lunch?

  • What physical distancing is required for meals?

  • What safety measures are in place during lunch?

  • Given the additional health and safety protocols, will additional time be given for lunch?

  • What time will breakfast be served?

  • Will there be staff to support young children while eating?

  • How will the District support children with food allergies?

  • Is it true that meals are free for all students this year?

  • Do I need to complete a free and reduced price meal application for my child to have lunch for free?

Remote Learning

  • Why isn’t there a district-wide Remote Learning option for the 21-22 school year especially with so many children who are unable to be vaccinated?

  • Will the District offer remote learning for students required to quarantine?

  • What will remote learning look like for students who are required to quarantine?

  • What metrics will the District consider in making the decision to pivot to remote learning for the entire district, a school, or even a classroom?

School/District Operations

  • Will student assemblies still be held?

  • Will there be assigned seating for students?

  • Will there be field trips?

  • Will childcare be offered?

  • Will there be before and after school activities?

  • Will visitors be allowed?

  • Is the District allowing volunteers?

  • Are parent/caregiver groups allowed to meet on-site or use school facilities?

  • Can external groups use District 65 facilities for meetings or other purposes?

  • Will school fees be collected this year?

  • How can I view the District calendar for non-attendance days?

  • Are there supply lists this school year?

  • Does the District have travel guidance in place?

  • Who is the best person to contact if there are concerns over mitigation strategies within the school?

Guidance for Student/Staff Illness

  • What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

  • What guidance is the District using to make decisions about exclusions from school due to illness?

  • How long should individuals continue to remain home if they have any COVID-19 and/or flu symptoms?

  • What happens if COVID-19 like symptoms do not resolve within 24 hours?

  • What steps must be taken if a student/staff member is out for three or more days?

  • Should fever-reducing medication be administered before coming to school/work?

  • How long should a student/staff member remain out of school/work, if they are not tested or do not provide proof of a negative test?

  • What free COVID-19 testing sites are available?


  • Are masks required for the 21-22 school year?

  • Do I have to wear a mask if I am fully vaccinated?

  • Will the District provide masks or should students and staff bring their own?

  • Are there any guidelines for what type of masks to wear?

  • Do masks need to be worn outdoors?

  • Will mask breaks be given?

  • What if a student consistently refuses to wear a mask?


  • Will students have assigned seating on the bus?

  • What safety measures will be in place on the bus?

  • Can the district expand the number of routes to help ensure there are less kids on a bus at a given time?

  • Will middle school students be provided with discounted CTA Ventra cards?


  • Is District 65 considering mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for staff?

  • Does District 65 know the current vaccination rate among staff?

  • Is District 65 requiring students to be vaccinated for COVID-19?

  • Why is it important to submit COVID-19 vaccination cards?

  • What opportunities are available for vaccination?