• Intervention Supports

    To accelerate the literacy development of students who experience reading difficulties, the District provides literacy supports through research-based and evidence-based, targeted small group reading, and strategy groups, among others. Reading specialists and classroom teachers use running records, diagnostic assessments well as benchmark and formative assessments to help identify and understand the conditions whereby these students can develop their ability to read fluently as they create meaning from and with print. 

    Students who need supplemental academic support, reading teachers, speech pathologists, special education teachers, and social workers, among others work with classroom teachers to make sure that each child is supported to be ready and available to learn.


    2020-2021 D65 Literacy Interventions at a Glance



    Reading Intervention Practices:  Benchmarks, Interventions, Curricula

    Overview of all current literacy interventions, listing assessments, descriptors, and universally available resources.  Includes co-teaching descriptors, special education literacy intervention descriptors, and community volunteer supports

    D65 Reading Interventions for MTSS:  Indicators of Need and Success

    Overview of interventions listing criteria for decision making:  which intervention is appropriate for particular needs, who delivers it, and how effectiveness is assessed. 

    Remote Reading Intervention Models

    Overview of a variety of models of support that D65 reading interventionists will use to provide intervention in remote learning situations to students requiring MTSS Tier 2 and 3 instruction.  

    Literacy Interventions through Paraprofessionals

    A menu and links to resources for literacy intervention routines that could be facilitated by paraprofessionals in the classroom and/or remotely.