• Accountability and Data 


    Each year, our department examines student progress using multiple measures including student’s academic grades, assessment results, school climate and culture metrics, and student attendance patterns to provide an overview of the achievement that has been reached by students, teachers, schools and the district. The following are reports we produce to communicate this important information to our community members: 

    • Achievement & Accountability Report -  Each year, District 65 publishes a report to share detailed information regarding students' academic performance, both to identify progress and opportunities for greater support for all students. 
    • D65/D202 Joint Achievement Reports - Reports are based on collaborative efforts between District 65 and District 202 related to student academic achievement.
    • Illinois Report Cards for District 65 - Each year, the Illinois State Board of Education, produces report cards for schools.  The state report cards include many valuable metrics on school outcomes and we encourage members of the public to review the state report cards for important information on school performance and outcomes. Individuals are welcome to review these report cards via the Illinois Report Cards website


    The RAD department also prepares annual reports on key data metrics so that our community has access to important information. These reports provide longitudinal data on our school district:  


    • Enrollment Projections Report - Each year, District 65 prepares five-year enrollment projections by grade and school, and for the district. Enrollment projections are used to estimate staffing needs, space usage, revenues and expenditures, transportation needs, and more.  Prior to 2020 Enrollment Projections reports were completed by the Research Accountability and Data department; starting in 2020 Enrollment Projection reports are prepared by the Student Assignment
    • Opening of Schools Report - District 65 annually provides an Opening of Schools Report that reflects the enrollment data provided to the state in the Fall Enrollment report as well as related program participation and demographic information. The information presented within this report provides a basis for planning during the current year and for developing projections for future years.
    • Special Reports - historical copies of reports produced by the Research, Accountability, and Data Department on an array of topics.
    • Strategic Plan Reports - historical copies of special reports and memos developed to measure the progress and implementation of the district's strategic plan.