• Infant/Toddler & PreK Registration  

    District 65's Joseph E. Hill Early Childhood Center serves children ranging in ages from 0 to 5 years old. You may register for the center's programs at any point during the calendar year. Below, you will find all of the information needed to register your child for any of the Early Childhood Center programs. Parents and caregivers should complete the four steps outlined below to register their infant or toddler student. 

    Step 1: Complete and submit the “New Student” Registration form and submit complete proof of residency and a copy of the birth certificate.

    Step 2: A Joseph E. Hill Early Childhood Center family support staff member will schedule an intake meeting.

    Step 3: Once the selection process is complete, you will be notified whether your child was selected into a Joseph E. Hill Early Childhood program. 

    Step 4: Once selected, a Family Support Specialist will schedule a meeting for you to complete enrollment.


    A pair of toddler students collaborating together with a pair of toy building blocks.


    Registration Toolkit for Infant, Toddler, and PreK Families 

    Below, you'll find frequently requested documents that you will need in order to fully complete the student registration process. While not all of these documents are necessary to fully register a student, they are provided as a resource for parents and caregivers. Each document contains a link to the specific form and description regarding what the form entails. If you have questions or concerns on a particular form, please feel free to contact the Registration Team at registrationinfo@district65.net. 



     Register Your Student

    Click one of the buttons below to complete the Online Registration form to begin the registration process for your student. 

    Please note - a student's school start date is 2-3 business days after registration is finalized.