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  • Get Involved


    The Orrington PTA is entirely made up of volunteers and we are always looking for more!  Whether you have an hour a week, an hour a month, or an hour a year, your help is much appreciated. 


    Open PTA Positions

    Clubs and Enrichment Roles

    • Garden Club co-Chair            open position        Work with our seasoned garden chair to plan for the next phase of our garden program.  Moderate time commitment, some school time availability required in future, busiest in Spring and Fall.  *2020-21 will be a planning/maintenance year.
    • Fluency Tutor Coordinator         open position          Recruiting and matching tutors with teachers, materials copying and preparation.  Moderate time commitment in Fall, some school time availability helpful but not required.  *Tutoring will be virtual this year, so this role may evolve.

    Community Building Roles

    • Community Connectors        open position(s)    Keep your grade-level families connected to all Orrington happenings and resources.  Work closely with Community Building VPs and Equity VPs.  Plan one grade-level community building event to take place during the year. 
    • Teacher Appreciation co-Chair    open position        Plan and organize the week long Teacher Appreciation activities with co-Chair.  Spring. Minimal, flexible time commitment during planning; moderate time commitment  with some school time availability required during TA Week (during a normal year).  
    • Orrington Family Support         open position        Purchase supplies as needed to support families in need. Purchases reimbursed through the PTA.  Minimal time commitment with flexible scheduling occurring all year.

    Fundraising Roles

    • Book Fair co-Chair            open position        Learn from a seasoned Book Fair co-chair the ins and outs of running the Book Fair and online sales.  Moderate Fall time commitment; intense time commitment with school time availability required during the fair (during a normal year).  *2020-21--Fair will be virtual this year.


    Events Roles

    • VP Events    open position        Help support the many events that Orrington volunteers organize each school year.  Special emphasis this year on interest/ability to support virtual events.  Minimal time commitment all year; event participation expected.
    • Cultural Festival co-Chair    open position        Organize and support this amazing Orrington tradition.  *2020-21--We are looking to bring this activity online this year and are hoping to recruit families who have actively participated to help do that.  Moderate time commitment all fall for planning; event participation expected.
    • Fun Run Picnic Coordinator (2)    open position        Organize the potluck portion of the picnic and purchase items to be grilled (PTA reimbursement).  Recruit your grilling team!  Minimal time commitment in Spring; event participation expected (in a normal year). *2020-21 event unlikely. 
    • Carnival co-Chair    open position        Help organize and lift this kid-favorite Orrington tradition.  Recruit volunteers, purchase prizes, oversee this very busy day.  Minimal time commitment in winter planning; intense time commitment for the week of Carnival (mid-March in a normal year).  Event participation expected.  *2020-21 event unlikely. 

    Recurring Volunteer Opportunities 

    • Book Nook--not available due to current circumstances
    • Green Team--not available due to current circumstances
    • Tutoring--District-supported math and reading fluency tutoring will go virtual this year.  Please email for more information. 
    • Kindergarten Lunch/Recess Help--not available due to current circumstances
    • Garden/Grounds Upkeep--TBD with social distancing this Fall and Spring


    Volunteering for Events

      • Back-to-School Social--not available due to current circumstances
      • Book Fair—going virtual—stay tuned!
      • Family Literacy Night- going virtual--Stay tuned
      • Cultural Festival--going virtual--Stay tuned!
      • Family Math Night--going virtual--Stay tuned!
      • Carnival--Unlikely due to pandemic
      • Talent Show--going virtual—stay tuned!


    • Fun Run and Family Picnic--TBD due to pandemic