The more you eat, the more you help!
The more meals students eat from school, the more federal funds schools receive! Don't be shy - give school meals a try!
  • District 65’s Nutrition Services department offers appealing and nutritious meals to promote the growth and development of every student. All schools offer freshly prepared, balanced lunches daily and, new this school year, breakfast will be available for students at every school. Meals will be available to all students regardless of remote or in-person learning pathway.

    Meals will be available to pre-order for remote learners. Curbside pick up will be available every Monday (or Tuesday if Monday is a holiday) from 10am-1pm at the locations listed below. Families will have the ability to pre-order breakfasts, lunches, or both, and will receive enough for the week. In addition, a late meal pick-up option will be available at King Arts and Chute from 3pm-6pm. Students or their parents/caregivers may pick up meals from any of the locations.



    Families are encouraged to view the week's meal options available through the breakfast and lunch menus provided by the Nutrition Services department. Heating and storage instructions for to-go menus can be viewed in English or Spanish.  Please note, for those students who will continue to engage in a remote learning pathway that curbside pick-up services will remain in effect for the remainder of the school year. 

    To ensure that your meal order is processed correctly and to place your order prior to pick-up at one of the preferred locations below, please complete the Order Form for curbside pickup by Friday at 9 AM. The Order Form may be completed as needed by new participants. If you have already completed the form, there is no need to fill it out again. 

    As a reminder, if you haven’t completed your Free and Reduced Meal Application, please do so at your earliest convenience. All families are encouraged to apply, even if they feel that they may not qualify. Families should complete meal applications regardless of updated costs as the status of the application has benefits beyond the meal program, such as free or reduced school fees.



    • Chute (1400 Oakton St., main parking lot) 10am-1pm OR 3-6pm 
    • Nichols (800 Greenleaf St. (enter parking lot off Sherman Ave.) 10am-1pm
    • Haven (2417 Prairie Ave., enter parking lot off Green Bay Rd.) 10am-1pm
    • King Arts (2424 Lake St., pick up on Greenwood St.) 10am-1pm OR 3-6pm
    • Evanston Township High School (1600 Dodge Ave., Door 27 off Wildkit Dr.) 9am-5pm 


    NOTE - Curbside pick-up service has been discontinued at both the Walker Elementary and Fleetwood Jourdain Community Center sites. 

    In-Person Learning Menus 

    To support those students engaging in onsite learning, our Nutrition Services Department has provided the following menus, available in English and Spanish, for review:

    Please note, AM and Hybrid+ students will be offered a breakfast each day. Hybrid+ students will be offered a lunch. Those students who are solely engaged in the PM pathway will be offered a snack to take home each school day. Review this helpful overview of student meals for hybird learning (available in English and Spanish).

    As always, milk will be available for all meals. Additionally, if students are in need of a vegetarian option, please connect with their educator to request this option. As a reminder, even though school meals will be provided at no-cost this school year, please be sure to complete the Free and Reduced Meal Application


    Meal Prices

    The Nutrition Services Departments (D65 & D202) are excited to announce that we are now able to offer meals free of charge, to all children ages 18 and under. This is made possible through a waiver sponsored by the USDA (now effective through June 30, 2021).



    Please reach out to the Nutrition Services Department at 847-859-8130 or nutritionservices@district65.net with any questions.