• Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Information that is specific to 2020-21 is written in *italics.


    Arrival/ Departure Times and Procedures

    *2020-21--As the date for in-person learning nears, please stay tuned for communication from the administration on new guidelines for keeping children safe. 

    School begins at 9:05 am.  In the morning, children may be on the playground starting at 8:50 am.  The bell will ring at 9:00 am and all children will line-up to walk into school with their class and teacher. The line-up map can be viewed HERE.

    If the weather is inclement (below 20 degrees or raining) the children will enter the building upon arrival and wait by their classroom doors.  *2020-21--Children will go directly into their classrooms.

    Kindergartners are dismissed at 3:30 pm.  Kindergartners who take the bus will be escorted to their bus.  All other kindergarten students will be dismissed through the gym door located by the sport court.  Kindergarten teachers will only release students to approved adults or older siblings.  Please notify your child’s teacher if they will be picked-up by someone new.

    Older students (grades 1-5) will be dismissed at 3:35 pm when the bell rings.  Students who ride the bus will line-up according to the bus they will ride in.  All other students will exit the building at the doors closest to their classrooms.  Please arrange a location to meet them for pick-up (this is especially helpful if you have more than one child as they may exit via different doors).

    Riding the Bus

    *2020-21--As in-person learning nears, please look for communication from the administration for new guidelines for keeping children safe.

    Many students ride the bus to get to Orrington.  For information on the District 65 busing program, please click HERE.  Bused students enter school through the Orrington front door or join students on the playground, time and weather-depending.  At departure time, students line up in the front hallway according to what bus they ride and are escorted into their bus by Orrington teachers.  

    Did your student leave something on the bus?  Please call Positive Connections directly at 847-492-0115 or 847-492-1541.

    If your student is joining a friend on the bus home, this must be pre-arranged with the Main Office.  If a student who normally takes the bus is joining a friend who walks or drives, this must also be pre-arranged through the office. 

    Procedures for Cars at Drop-Off and Pick-up

    Please click HERE to review the traffic flow map in order to safely comply with the traffic pattern around school during drop-off and pick-up times.  Let’s keep the streets and sidewalks around school as safe as we can--it gets really congested and the Evanston Police like to stop by and give tickets!

    Adults Entering School

    All parents/ caregivers/ guardians must enter Orrington through the front entrance and sign in at the Main Office.  You will be given a visitor’s badge to wear while within the school building.  All parents/guardians/caregivers must follow CDC guidelines and wear a mask, have their temperature checked and maintain social distance.  Upon leaving, please sign out and exit through the same door.  *2020-21–Non-staff adults will not be allowed in the building.

    Sick Day Notification

    Please notify Ms. Robinson, the school health clerk, by 10:00 am if your student will be absent for any reason.  Please call 847-859-8780 (and follow the prompts) or email robinsonm@disrict65.net to report the absence.

    Arriving Late/ Leaving Early

    Your student will need to be signed in or out of the Main Office by a caregiver/ guardian/ parent. *2020-21–Please contact the Main Office at 847-859-8780 before coming to school.

    Forgotten/ Lost ItemsPlease deliver forgotten items (lunch, instruments, etc) to the Main Office. Your student will be called to the office to retrieve them.  Orrington Lost and Found is located outside the Main Office.  *2020-21– Please ask your child to check the Lost and Found if they are missing items.


    *2020-21– During remote learning all students will receive a break from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm for lunch and recess.  Once students return for in-person learning, students will receive 20 minutes of lunch (meaning they need to eat pretty quickly!) in their classroom followed by a supervised outdoor recess.  

    Students may bring lunch or purchase from school.  District meal plans are available; to learn more click here: http://www.district65.net/nutritionservices.  Individual meals and/or milk may be purchased for a small fee.  Students may bring cash/check (to District 65 Food Service) to establish a lunch account or you can do it online athttp://www.myschoolbucks.com.  Our Green Team has worked hard to reduce waste and encourage recycling--please pack lunches with that in mind.


    Each teacher determines the snack policy in their individual classroom.  Students are encouraged when possible to bring their snacks from home; for a list of district approved snacks click HERE.   Classroom teachers will ask families for donations of pre-packaged snacks to be stored in the classroom for students who may not have a snack.  There are always extra snacks available at school for all children.


    Children with allergies have an area to eat that is reserved for them.  Classroom teachers will inform parents/ guardians/ caregivers of class-specific allergies. For any questions/concerns about student allergies, please reach out to Ms. Robinson, Orrington’s health clerk, at robinsonm@district65.net or 847-859-8782


    Classroom parties occur from 2:30 until 3:15 on their designated date (Winter break and Valentine’s Day) and are arranged by teachers.  Parents/ guardians/ caregivers may be asked to contribute  healthy treats or simple activities to be sent in or dropped off; for guidelines please click here: http://www.district65.net/page/1717.  Parties are not parent-led per new D65 guidelines.

    End-of-year picnics are arranged by Community Connectors at the different grade levels and involve greater parent/guardian/caregiver participation to be successful. Stay tuned for more info towards the end of the school year!

    Student birthdays are no longer celebrated with food.  Instead, students may choose to bring small items from home (like stickers or a small toy) to share with their classmates (under $1.00/child).  Some teachers choose to celebrate all birthdays that happen in a given month together on the same day; others celebrate each student on their individual day.

    Friday Folders--Important printed communication from school and the district, as well as student work, is sent home each Friday in a student’s “Friday Folder.”  Please keep an eye out for district flyers, registration forms, etc.  Please send the folder back to school on Monday with your child.

    Book Nook--Orrington has its very own book store that each class visits monthly.  The books are gently used, donated books and/or books purchased from rummage sales and discount clubs.  All students may choose one book each month to add to their home library--it is theirs to keep! Please donate your gently used books in the entry hall bin, or contribute funds to help with book purchases (hyperlink to cheddar up etc). *2020-21--We will not be able to run Book Nook due to the pandemic.

    Eagle Updates:  Dr. Plaza sends out a weekly Eagle Update by email on Friday with all the information families need to navigate each week at Orrington. Please read through the resources that are linked there - that hopefully helped you find us here!

    special education & Individualized Education Plans (IEP)

    New to Individualized Educations Plans (IEPs)? Have questions? There are no silly ones and we're here to help so please get in touch: info@orringtonpta.org

    School Closures:  In the event of inclement weather, please familiarize yourself with the district’s policies.  Click HERE  for all the important details about school closings and late starts.