School Climate Team

Dawes School Climate Team

  • The School Climate Team (SCT) at Dawes manages school wide culture and climate for staff, students and families. They develop, oversee and monitor progress with execution of schoolwide strategic plan for improving culture and climate. Members of SCT also develop and oversee implementation of tools and structures to strengthen restorative practices as a school.


    Dawes School Climate Team Members

    Marlene Aponte, Principal

    Michael Edwards, Assistant Principal

    Maddyline Ligon, Instructional Coach

    Keyatta Wilson, 2nd Grade Educator, RP Lead

    Margaret Reynolds, 2nd Grade Educator

    Kim Hamilton, 3rd Grade Educator, RP Lead

    Carreen Taslaman, 3rd Grade Educator

    Daniel Senra, 5th Grade TWI Educator

    Laura Bruggers, Social Worker

    Elana Frydman, Social Worker