Social-Emotional Learning(SEL) Resources

  • The last ten weeks have been difficult for many people and the summer will continue to be a different environment and set of challenges for students and families.  Please time time for self-care over the summer. Below are some excellent resources for families and students to access for social emotional learning.


    Mindfulness and Journaling for All Ages (Students and Adults)

    Mind Yeti on YouTube: English | Spanish
    Mind Yeti®: Fifteen of our mindfulness program sessions are now available for anyone to use, no experience necessary! Designed for educators and families to do alongside children, or for older children to do on their own, Mind Yeti provides a great way for everyone to practice mindfulness during this difficult time.

    PATHS Feeling Journal (PreK-2)
    Give your child a copy of the Feelings Journal and have them record how they’re feeling each day while they are learning at home. By keeping a record of their emotions, it may help students better understand and process how they feel.

    Mindfulness Journal(4th-8th Grade)
    Create a journal to implement the following principles into your life: in the moment, have faith by believing in yourself, reality check, reset experiences, suspend judgment,put it in neutral, and take it slow allow situations to unfold in their own time.


    Activities for Social-Emotional and Mental Health

    Purpose Prep: Supporting Students and Families During Uncertainty
    These short videos come with discussion questions to help students and families process and cope through the uncertainties and anxieties of COVID-19. There are videos for K-2, 3-5, and 6-8 grades.

    75 Ways for Kids to Connect and Contribute

    Conscious Discipline Printable Tools and Activities (English and Spanish)
    List of activities for students and parents to deal with stress, unify, increase focus and engagement, and connect with each other. Just sign-up for free and receive any and all of  the activities and resources

    Belonging At Home
    Activities for all grade ranges. Belonging at Home is set up to help you and your children have a meaningful and shared experience in which you each have a chance to talk and be listened to. The doorway into this sharing is the music you and your child listen to along with the ideas for conversation about the topics the songs present.

    The Wellbeing Toolkit
    An easy-to-use digital toolkit to support you in this challenging time. Downloadable resources include the first two chapters of the WE Well-being Playbook, a hands-on guide filled with everyday tools, actions and tactics to nurture your own mental well-being and the well-being of others. The full Playbook is also available for download.