• Safety Features

    Students are expected to use their school-issued device on school-related assignments. They are bound by the District 65 Acceptable Use Policy, Student Handbook, and general behavior guidelines, whenever they use their device in or out of school. District 65’s loan of the device to the student does not create any duty on the part of District 65 to provide supervision of the use of the device or protection of the student regarding use of the device off school grounds or outside of school hours. It is the sole responsibility of the parent(s)/guardian(s) to supervise the student use of the device when off school grounds or outside of school.

    The district utilizes cloud-based web content filtering from Securly to make sure your student's device is as safe as it can be at home as well as at school. Although no Internet content filtering solution is 100% successful at blocking objectionable content and is never a replacement for parent/guardian supervision over their student use of the Internet – Securly works very well and is widely adopted because of its strong filtering, search keyword and email scanning, anti-bullying, and self-harm detection features. If a student feels a site is mis-categorized and/or blocked by accident, they may submit a request for the site to be reviewed and it will be opened up if appropriate.