Logging into Google

  • Logging into Your Student's District 65 Google Account

    Grades 3-8

    Before you begin, you will need your student’s District 65 google account (username & password), along with internet access. As you may be aware, our district uses Google Suite for Education to communicate, collaborate, and learn. This means students in grades 3-8 are provided with a District 65 Google account that allows them to access District email, documents, and other learning tools.

    Steps to login to Google

    Students log in to Google by following these steps:

    K-3 students: District 65 students are provided with Clever badges, and can use them to log in to Google tools on Windows, Macs, and Chromebooks (but not iPads)

    1. Click here to go to Clever
    2. Click the “Clever badge log in” icon Clever Badge log in
    3. Hold the badge up to the camera - You may need to enable camera access
    4. Navigate to any of the Google Apps, and remember to log out when you're done!

    Grade 3-8 students can log in directly through Google using the email credentials provided below. 

    You are now able to see your student’s Google login username and password through SISK12.  Click here for the guide.  We recommend taking a moment to make sure you are able to access your student’s account so they can access digital distance learning tools.

    Google Classroom is part of District 65’s Google Suite for Education and an optional tool teachers might use to collect and return students’ digital work. Some teachers may also choose to turn on guardian email summaries, which allow a teacher to enter a parent or guardian’s email address so that they can receive weekly or daily summaries of missing work, upcoming work, and other Google Classroom activity. Learn more about Google Classroom Guardian Email Summaries.

    Please be aware that Google Classroom provides limited access to students’ digital work and is based on the level of use by the classroom teacher. For more comprehensive access to your student’s academic progress, including grades and attendance, please use the SISK12 Parent Portal