Updating Contact Information

  • Parents/caregivers can update their information through the SISK12 Parent Portal.

    When logged into the Parent Portal there are two possibilities:

    1. There IS a yellow banner stating "Online Registration must be completed for Regular Year 2020-21."
      • Please click on 'VIEW', follow the instructions, and update your contact information.
    2. There IS NOT a yellow banner.
      • On the left-hand side of the page, there is a column with options.
        Under 'UTILITIES' and 'SETTINGS', click on 'UPDATE HOUSEHOLD DATA'.
        Click on 'EDIT' to the left of the areas you would like to update.

    NOTE: For all address changes, residency verification documents must be submitted for the change to be processed. View Residency Requirements.

    Contact information updates may also be submitted to parents@district65.net.