• Connectivity Options

    District 65 Hot Spots

    Since the closing of schools, District 65 has loaned out over 200 hot spots to families. Supplies are limited. If you do not have internet access at home, please contact your child's principal.

    Access from ATT (Affordable Home Internet)

    In response to the public health crisis, Access from AT&T is temporarily (1) Offering two months of free service to new customers who order Access by April 30, 2020. $5/mo or $10/mo thereafter, depending on your speed; (2) Expanding eligibility based on income2 and to households participating in National School Lunch Program/Head Start; (3) Waiving all home internet data overage fees. Click here for more details.

    Comcast Internet Essentials

    Effective Monday, March 16, 2020, Internet Essentials will increase speeds from 15/2 Mbps to 25/3 for all customers in response to emergency measures associated with Coronavirus (COVID-19). This speed increase will happen automatically - no action is required by customers. In addition, new customers will receive two months of free service. Click here for more details.


    Connectivity Suggestions

    • When streaming video (YouTube), reduce the quality to 720p or even 480p. 1080p (default) requires 1-5 MB/s of bandwidth, and if several students are doing that at one time, then the network can very easily become bogged down. This can be configured by clicking the gear/settings icon from within a YouTube video.
    • Ensure that the workspace students are using is near an access point/router. The signal can be weak if it travels through several walls or a long distance. You can check your current network speed by using a speed test https://speedtest.xfinity.com/
    • Good speed test results should be less than 100ms ping, at least 1-5 mb/s download per student, and at least 1mb/s per upload. Any lower values (or higher for ping) would mean that the network likely will not support access to learning.
    • Watch videos as a group if possible/applicable.