• Improving Our School
    Willard's Leadership Team is charged with overseeing our school's ongoing and continuous improvement. This team examines instructional trends and student growth at Willard, using their findings to facilitate targeted, ongoing professional development at Willard. Our professional learning goals focus on:
    • Ensure grade-level learning through lesson planning
    • Establishing a robust MTSS and academic support system
    • Establishing a strong Professional Learning Community
    • Developing a community of powerful partnerships amongst educators
    In addition, our professional growth and learning will connect to District 65 goals and spotlight priorities.  Last year, Superintendent Horton introduced the 6 Systems & The Miracles Framework. The 6 Systems identify WHERE we are going. The Miracles Framework details HOW we will get there. Both of these models are extensive & detailed, they are comprised with a roadmap to success. 

    D65 Spotlight Priorities